“FREE MY MIND” – Out January 20, 2023

Lone Wild is back with their latest song Free My Mind, inviting the listener into a space of vulnerability and desperation. Reminiscent of past releases, lead singer Ashkan Karimi says, “originally, this song was something that had more of a full band feel to it, something that had a much larger scale performance. However, once in the studio, Sam Westhoff (co-producer) & I created an arrangement that feels to fit better with the emotion of the lyric.” From a voice of desperation, the lyric of the chorus “Free My Mind” sings into the journey of mental health and on a grander scale – faith & doubt – continuing to run, even if it’s for your whole life, to have your mind freed from the walls that hold you.

Out January 20, 2023

(from forthcoming sophomore record)

In 2019 Lone Wild released their debut record, featuring the singles Danger Cat & Stranger Ways. Due to a poor immigration policy in the U.S., and Ashkan Karimi’s heritage (lead vocals), the band partnered with Preemptive Love Coalition, a non-profit that helps refugees in the middle-east, by spotlighting their work & donating 10% of their show, music & merch profits to their cause. Gaining momentum, songs Danger Cat & Sequin Dress landed in commercials (Carvana, Amazon) with Sequin Dress garnering the most attention with 40,000,000 listens on Youtube in a viral Amazon ad in 2021. Additionally, the HBOMax original series “Made for Love” featured Spitfire to millions of viewers. In 2020, Lone Wild made Nashville, TN their home — in the midst of a pandemic, an election year, surmounting racial injustices, and an overall pessimistic climate, the band did what they do best: listen and escape to write music. With the release of the newest song Space Between (10/22) and past singles, Locktup (7/21) The Dirties (9/21) TMSOI (10/21) & #ikyk (12/21), Lone Wild is excited for all that’s in store.

Starting in 2012, Lone Wild formed in 2016 out of the ashes of an old band when singer & producer Ashkan Karimi stepped into the studio to record new song ideas that were left untouched over the years. After a years worth of work in the studio and production, Lone Wild emerged with the release of it’s first two singles, “Danger Cat” & “Stranger Ways”, and its debut self-titled album “Lone Wild” to follow. Establishing a reputation for bold, bombastic rock built on a foundation of greasy, infectious grooves, Lone Wild followed with a string of releases, a number of shows in 2019, and in 2020 Karimi made the move to make Nashville, TN his new home.

In 2020, like many of us, Lone Wild was hit with the unexpected “joys” of quarantine. Amidst the slurry of a global pandemic, an election year in the U.S., surmounting racial injustices, and an overall pessimistic climate, Ashkan did what he does best: escape it all to write new music – keeping his ears to the ground of what was going on. With the release of BRAND NEW SONGS “Locktup”, “The Dirties”, “Tryna Make Sense of It”, and “#ikyk” in 2021, Lone Wild is ready to drop a slew of new music in ‘22, garnering its sophomore album effort. Be on the lookout for shows and more new music!

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