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So as we said, we have some big news for you today! We figured we’d break it down for you simply. I hope as you read this you understand the heart on some of this, because in all honestly, with the “ish” that’s going on in our world – I feel it’s important that we join together and do something greater than ourselves. That said, here’s the video, if you wanna read more, you can below!

1.) A FINAL NAME CHANGE (we promise)

With a renewed sense of vision, and identity, we’re ready to release new music that we’ve have been writing for over 2 years, some songs for even longer than that (8 years) and we will be doing so under a final name change.

What’s the name? 
Lone Wild

There are so many reasons I could give, but it essentially came down to 1 main reason. I’ll shed more light on this later, but basically there was 4 other artists/bands with similar or identical names to The Fairweather. We thought it would be best that as we release this new music that is much more definitive than our music of the past that we do so under a new moniker that we feel is OUR OWN, and boy does it feel goooood.


As you may know, I (Ashkan) am first generation Iranian-American. If you know me I generally have some strong convictions, and because of the current immigration policy in America and my heritage…

The band has officially partnered with Preemptive Love Coalition.
A non-profit who has boots on the ground, 
providing aid, food, shelter, life-saving surgeries and so much more to refugees & asylum seekers in Syria, Iraq and throughout the Middle East

I can’t wait to share more on how we will be involved, but the great thing is that we have come up with a way where WE will be able to play a part TOGETHER in creating positive change in the lives of many of these refugee families.

My vision has always been to utilize the art & music that I am apart of as a platform to be a catalyst for change in our world, and this partnership is one of the MAJOR ways we will be doing so! More on this the very near future.


The total track count is 11 songs.
The month of August we’ll release our first single.

Also, in August we will be starting a Kickstarter/Indiegogo Campaign  – This will give you all a chance to pre-order the record and get in on some gifts. More importantly, if you choose to back our campaign, not only will you be helping us release this music, but you will be helping refugees because we have committed to give 10% of all that comes into our campaign directly to Preemptive Love as our first step of involvement. 

When it comes down to it, ALL WE ASK is for you to help us get the word out about our vision and our music by sharing it with everyone and anyone you know. Family, friends, supporters, you all know who you are. I can’t express how appreciative we are in advance for you getting behind us to help make this as impactful as possible! For those who choose to back the campaign financially, let me personally extend another THANK YOU for choosing to do so.

We’ve payed for half of this project ourselves out of our own pockets while working hard to cuts costs by recording & doing what we can at home. That’s partly why it’s taken us this long to get to this point. This campaign will help us cover the remaining costs of mixing, mastering, distribution, merch, and additional promo items that we want to gift to those who give to the campaign.

As a heads up, if you’re wanting a physical version of the record, then the campaign will most likely be the only way to get something like that. We have some cool mediums in mind with how we will do that. Can’t wait to share them with you next week as we kick it off!

Thanks for taking the time to read all of this – your support means the world to us, and will mean the world to those in refugees in need in the near future as we join together to help them!

Lone Wild ✌️ 

PS – You may have noticed our web presence & social media accounts changed today. Follow & connect with us at the links below. (still working on our facebook page, but feel free to join our private fb group)

Facebook Group: http://bit.ly/lwfbgroup
IG: http://instagram.com/thelonewild
Twitter: http://twitter.com/thelonewild
Website: http://lonewild.com


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