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Ok so we have a chance for you to get rewarded by helping us with the creative process of something we always enjoy, clothes, specifically our MERCH. While creating new music, Ashkan’s been working on our next line of merch.

// Here is where you come in //

We are having some trouble deciding on what Limited Edition shirts we should make for our next line.

How & What Do I Win?

Below are a few simple shirt mockups for you to check out. To enter to win just:
1.) COMMENT below with the one you like…and
2.) LIKE or SHARE the post on social media!

Rules? What are those? (I hate rules)

1.) We’ll make the shirt that has the most votes
2.) You have until March 1st to vote
3.) Once we reveal our next season of merch we’ll pick a winner who can choose whatever shirt they want from our next merch line.

Cast your vote by commenting below, or if you see this on Facebook comment on the post! Also, don’t forget to like/share or you don’t get entered!


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