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Top 20 EPs of 2016: 20-11 (Jarvix’s Big 50)

11. Untie My Tongue by The Fairweather

Stuffing five tracks with a wide palette of contemporary alt rock trends, The Fairweather shoots for the moon on its first release under the new moniker. Formerly Aftermidnight, the four-piece rocks upbeat jams with frontman swagger on tracks like “Streetcar” but settles down for others such as “I’d Be a Fool”, which hints toward arena anthem territory. With some cuts stretching beyond the five-minute mark, the band takes its time to soak in the glory of its brand of rock. It rarely feels as long as it is, though, and that’s always a good sign. That may have something to do with the way some of the tracks lead into one another without breaks, which helps the continuous listening experience.
The Fairweather’s influences are plentiful, and while that’s hardly a negative quality in itself, it can be troublesome if the band doesn’t mix in enough originality. That occasionally happens on Untie My Tongue, but the band compensates with production value and, more importantly, talent. When the proving grounds of emotional closer “Drifting Home” comes, the lead vocalist/guitarist knocks his performance out of the park as his bandmates swell in support.
For bands shooting for the big time, EPs are often a way to show range and ability, and The Fairweather fires on all cylinders with Untie My Tongue. It wouldn’t be surprising in the least to see a label swipe this group up.
Recommended track: “Untie My Tongue”
(note: the album player linked here includes a remix)


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